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In the COOLkombinat online shop, you will find selected products for cooling and preserving wine at prices you can afford. Our well-oiled logistics process ensures that deliveries are quick and reliable. Our core range of products includes open wine coolers, rapid drink coolers, wine climate cabinets, wine dispensers, and unique systems for wine preservation. Our customers include dedicated restaurateurs, wine stores, wineries, caterers and the wine trade. Our special wine coolers and dispensers are also popular at wine tastings, events, and trade fairs.

In gastronomy and at wine tasting events, you will often have red wine being served too warm!
Red wine presented in this manner cannot live up to its full potential, as you need to serve it at an optimum temperature to get the best taste – and to make it last longer, too! Our special open wine coolers take up a minimal amount of space on a counter or wine tasting table. They give a good look on the selection of wines served by the glass while, most importantly, keeping the wine bottles at the right temperature.

Preserved, not oxidised!
A big problem when serving wine by the glass is the shelf life of the opened wines – but you shouldn't have to worry about having tired wines to pour out or throw away. Better to preserve the wines and always be able to serve consistent quality. This will enable you to increase your number of open wines or adapt to the increasing demand for higher quality wine with little risk. Wine preservation is an investment that pays itself off quickly.

A big wine list in a little amount of space!
Restaurants, bars, wine stores, and specialist wine retailers often have too little space to be able to offer an adequate selection of bottled wines that are ready to serve. They often lack a wine cellar and the willingness to spend a significant amount of money on wine cabinets. The solution to this problem? Our "Fast Chiller" rapid wine coolers. They are affordable, take up a minimal amount of space, require little maintenance, and cool every type of wine down to drinking temperature in just a few minutes.

Our recommendations


Free-Standing gas dispenser for wine preserving.
Preserved open wine bottles for 3 weeks.
Comes with 1 argon gas cartridge included.

179,00 EUR
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Cave Vinum CV-7CA2T I B-Stock

B-stock. New.
Slight visual defects.

499,00 EUR
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The straightforward way to increase sales by the glass

When it comes to serving open wine in restaurants, you very often see so much potential go to waste: the selection is small, the plainest qualities are used, wines are regularly outdated or at the wrong temperature... but with just a small investment and a bit of commitment, the yields from serving wine by the glass can be increased significantly.

For example, you could: offer a larger, varying or even higher-quality selection of open wines, serve them at optimum temperature and in good glasses, boost wine sales in summer by selling slightly chilled red wine, keep the wines fresh by putting a wine preservation system in place (meaning you will no longer have leftover wine to have to throw away), present and communicate wine offering in a way that is visible to customers, provide wine lists with informative descriptions and menus with suitable wines, optimise wine purchases in terms of quality, calculate customer-friendly prices, provide your staff with training on the subject of wine...

In the catering industry, open wine coolers and preservation systems pay for themselves quickly, save costs, and help companies generate consistently higher profits as a result. Your company will thereby be putting its competency with wines front and centre for all to see, while also enhancing its image and setting itself apart from the competition – which in turn will lead to greater wine sales.

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