Winefit Duravin+

Preserve open bottles of wine or Champagne with Winefit Duravin+ - an innovative and professional preservation system made in Italy.

Use this method to preserve an open bottle of wine or Champagne easily and reasonably priced. You can expand your wine list with more high-quality wine by the glass without risk and absolutely minimise the loss from spoilage due to oxidation. The over-all increase in wine quality will be attractive to your guests and will bring you additional sales potential.

The innovative technology allows for any number of open bottles of wine or sparkling wine and Champagne to be preserved for 2-3 weeks - only limited by the number of available bottle stoppers. These devices are very simple in operational design: The handling is easy and intuitive, no on-site installation or service by a external technician is required. This makes it very cost-effective compared to other preserving solutions on the market.

Winefit Duravacu
Preservation of open wine bottles with a vacuum system. Apart from the purchase price and a very small electrical bill from minimal power consumption, no other costs are incurred - thus the device pays for itself in a short time. The Duravacu...

Winefit Duraperl
Preserve Champagne, Crémant, Spumante, Cava or any other sparkling wine - easily and effectively keeping it bubbly and prevent it from going flat. By introducing a counter-pressure of CO2 to the bottle, it is preserved - quality and freshness get retained for weeks. The Duraperl...

Winefit Duracombi
This device combines the functions of the Duravacu and the Duraperl. Any number of still and sparkling wine bottles can be preserved easily and quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Winefit Durafrost
Effectivly frost your wine glasses and other barware for cooling and disinfecting purposes. Your guests wine and drinks is saved from diluting of melting ice cubes with this professional instant freezing device. With the Durafrost...

preserve sparkling wine with Duraperl - front view
Perfect preservation of remainders of Champagne and all other sparkling wines using CO2 counter pressure.
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The Duravacu is very simple to use: insert the bottle stoppper into the wine bottle, hold the bottle with the stopper onto the suction nozzle, push to activate and wait for the pump to evacuate the air from inside the bottle. Done! The wine inside the bottle is now protected by vacuum from oxygen and can be stored for about two weeks without loss of quality.

With the best possible preservation freshness is maintained and aroma and structure of the wine do not become altered. To achieve this, it is crucial to have exactly the right pressure ratio. If there is to much oxygen left in the bottle, the wine will oxidize. On the other hand, if there is too much air removed, the negative pressure will draw the sensitive esters and phenols out of the wine, which in consequence affects bouquet and flavor negatively. The electronically controlled vacuum pump will create exactly the right vacuum level on every use.

The Duraperl injects CO2 into the open bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne to build up counterpessure. The correctly charged bottle is now under pressure, which keeps the balance between the atmosphere and the solved CO2 in the wine. This effectively prevents the sparkling wine from bubbling out. The bottle stopper with valve is sealing the bottle airtight and keeps the bottle contents under pressure. Additionally, sparkling wines get preserved by CO2, which prevents them from losing their quality and also retains their freshness.

The device is very simple to use: insert the valve stopper into the bottle, hold the bottle with the stopper onto the pressure nozzle, push to activate and wait for the device to inject the exact amount of CO2 for the accurate pressure level. Done! Even sparkling wines which had become flat will get pepped up by the CO2 supply and regain a nice column of bubbles.

With the Durafrost Glass Chiller, wine glasses and other bar ware can be frosted blizzing fast, which also has a disinfecting effect. The glasses get coated with a fine layer of ice, which provides a surprise effect and makes for a delicious ice-cold drink.

By freezing the glasses, fewer or no ice cubes are needed, the drinks will get diluted to a lesser extent, carbonated drinks stay longer fresh and sparkling. You also increase hygiene in the service, as the glasses are sterilized during freezing. This means that the quality of service can be significantly improved at only a low cost.