easy-cooler® - full display wine cooler

With easy-cooler wine cooler you can maintain the ideal temperature and present your wines in the best possible way.

easy-cooler are high-quality, non-electric and maintenance-free wine coolers - ideal for serving wine by the glass and for wine presentations. They are also suitable for spirits, juices, smoothies, and dressings. Cooling is achieved by inserting either freezer blocks or ice cubes.
However, in contrast to electric wine coolers, the temperature cannot be adjusted.

easy-cooler wine bottle coolers are handmade in Germany and are distinguished by their high quality and stability.
They are easy to use, mobile, space-saving, and offer excellent visibility for wines.

easy-cooler are the perfect wine displays for wineries, the wine business, wine bars, restaurants, catering, events, and wine fairs. They are especially useful in areas where there is no power available or where there is very little space (such as outdoor areas or at wine fairs).

The aroma, subtlety, and elegance of a wine can be fully appreciated only when it is served at the correct temperature.

​Only with properly tempered wine its aroma, its delicacy and elegance comes into its own.