Coolare wine displays

Electricity-free and compact wine displays with Altavinis or Wikeeps dispensers.

The combination of "easy-cooler & dispenser" makes a chic and affordable solution for presenting and serving wine. It allows you to present your fine wines in the best possible way, to precisely control the dosage while pouring and to serve the at the right drinking temperature. And it also preserves the remaining wine for weeks.

Coolare wine displays are absolutely silent and maintenance-free, available in different sizes (for 2 to 10 bottles) and equipped with either Wikeeps or Altavinis dispensers. The wine is preserved either by an argon cartridge in the dispenser (Wikeeps) or with a central gas supply for all connected wine dispensers (Altavinis VAV). With Altavinis wine dispensers, there is a choice between operation with a disposable cartridge or refillable gas cylinder.

You already own an easy-cooler? Take the 3 or 5 option set (dispensers without coolers) and easily transform it into an affordable dispensing system.

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