Electric wine cooler with dispenser

Adaptable and inexpensive solutions for professional wine serving. Versatile systems to serve "Wine By The Glass" from 2 to ∞ wine bottles.

Electric open wine coolers combined with wine dispensers make for a range of systems for wine dispensing and preserving. In comparison to closed systems (such as wine by the glass or wineemotion), these wine dispensing systems have a significantly lower purchase price and are way more flexible, because they can adapt to your changing requirements through adding more dispensers faucets easily. Additionaly, the systems are easier to handle and do not require extensive and expensive maintenance.

Our dispensing systems allow wine to be served by the glass at the perfect temperature while at the same time preserving the opened wine bottles for weeks. Inert gas replaces the volume of wine poured out and thus protects the remaining bottle contents from unwanted oxidation. This preserves the quality, aroma and freshness of the wine.

The wine dispensing systems are equipped with either Wikeeps or Altavinis VAV dispensers. The supply with gas is realised with small cartridges attached directly to the dispensers (Wikeeps) or by tubing to a central gas supply (Altavinis VAV) from a large gas cartridge or a refillable gas cylinder.

With our dispensing and preserving solutions, you can simply expand the range of wines by the glass on your wine list. Even the most premium wines can be offered without risk of spoilage.
The wide range of wines, the premium wine quality and also the professional presentation will be positively recognised by your guests and are opening up additional sales potential.

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