Erweiterungskit winefit cube
Extension kit "plus" for Winefit cubo containing 10 bottle tops 2.0 and 2 argon gas cartridges.
RRP 869,00 EUR
Only 699,00 EUR
Coravin pouring needle standard

Coravin standard pouring needle.

RRP 26,95 EUR
Only 0,00 EUR
easy-cooler® wooden box "six"

Wooden box made to measure easy-cooler model "six" and "three". Perfect for safe transportation to the next event.

RRP 44,95 EUR
Only 34,95 EUR
electric 4 bottles wine cooler

B-goods. New.
With light color stains.

RRP 379,00 EUR
Only 289,00 EUR
CO2 cartridge XL for Vinoserv Champagne

Refillable CO2 cartridges for sparkling wine preservation.
Filled with 0,42 l high purity CO2 gas.
Suitable for Vinoserv Champagne, Duravin and Conservin.

RRP 24,95 EUR
Only 0,00 EUR